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29 mars 2008 @ 16:57
So, it has been a year since I last posted in this journal. Well, I am definitely a lazy a**. I think I didn't make much on my life either. I have been (and still being) working all this time on a library waiting to take a decision regarding my studies. And that's pretty much it.

Ok, I won't start talking about my life (There isn't much to say anyway).

Let's talk about movies instead !

I went to see the movie 21 yesterday. I wasn't expecting much. It only appealed to me because Jim Sturgess is in it and because of the penury of movies that's going on for some time now. And after all, it wasn't bad. It was good actually. Well, the story is totally forgettable and unoriginal, but for a genre movie, it is pretty well done. The dialoges are well written, the plot -somehow- believable, the characters attaching, Sturgess is ridiculously cute and it even made me like Kate Bosworth. Go and see it if you miss going to the movie theater.
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235 caps of My chemical romance's videoclip for the song "I don't love you", track 6 from the album "The black parade".
Dimension: 720 X 480 px
TMF logo on the right top corner.
Samples under the cut. Credits are not obligatory but highly appreciated.

Would you have the guts to say, I don't love you, like I did, Yesterday ?Réduire )


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